What to bring on a Drive To Alaska.

RV's are wonderful, I know that we all agree. From the conversion van to the fully self contained coaches, driving to Alaska is just a bit more comfortable today then when our parents first drove the highways. But toss aside the luxuries for a moment and we see that packing for the trip still requires much of the same items as before. Plenty of clothes, rainproof jackets and pants, boots and walking shoes; most of this we keep handy in our rolling homes know matter where our travels take us too.

Some of the items on this list seem like winter ware and in most areas of the country it would be. But remember, your headed to Alaska and even in July along this route you can experience some very cold and wet weather. Winds blowing out of the north or off of any of the glaciers can cut right through your regular summer ware.

So here is a list of the necessities for everyone to consider who is planning a Drive to Alaska in the near future.

Average Summer Temperatures (Lows and Highs) along the Drive to Alaska.

City/Town May June July Aug. Sept.
Anchorage, AK 38/56 48/63 52/66 50/64 39/54
Dawson Creek, BC 34/59 43/70 47/74 41/68 31/54
Distruction Bay, Yukon 30/54 38/63 43/67 39/63 30/53
Fairbanks, AK 37/61 51/68 54/70 47/63 35/50
Kenai Peninsula, AK 37/52 44/59 52/66 49/60 38/49
Prince George, BC 37/60 43/67 47/71 45/70 38/60
Skagway, AK 40/55 47/61 50/62 48/62 43/53
Talkeetna/Denali, AK 33/55 44/63 49/66 45/64 36/56
Whitehorse Yukon 33/55 44/63 49/66 45/64 36/56